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DIY Ballerina Tutu Cushion

I've been wanting to make these tulle tutu pillows for a while now, I kept seeing them online but they are very expensive. If you're anything like me (love re-creating things for cheaper) then this DIY is for you.

I will be showing you 2 options, one using a glue gun and the other is by using a sewing machine.

Supplies & Tools:

  • Fabric of your choice (50 cm x 50 cm) plus 2 cm seam allowance

  • Pillow form (or pillow stuffing)

  • Tulle (color of your choice)

  • Fabric markers -Stained by Sharpie- (to trace the ballerina)

  • Access to a printer (for the ballerina image) I will give other options if you don't want to trace the image

  • Scissors or rotary cutter and mat