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My Favorite Craft Supplies

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

While I wouldn't say a crafter is only as good as their tools, I do believe the supplies they use contribute to the quality of their work. Having said that, I don't always buy the most expensive craft supplies, but I do have some tried-and-true favorites. These craft supplies are versatile and can be used to help your crafting journey and make life easy.

Ring Vinyl Weeding Scrap Collector

These tiny ring vinyl scrap collectors are originally used to hold nail polish while painting your nails, but crafters are genius! Someone randomly thought, hmmm maybe I can collect my vinyl scraps in here! and Voila! Weeding ring business was born.

Spray Bottle

I have several mini spray bottles in my craft room, it saves space and it keeps what I need right where i need it, close by on my desk. I have 3 bottles:

  1. A rubbing alcohol bottle to clean surfaces before applying vinyl.

  2. A bottle with water in it, I use it for large vinyl surfaces to make the application easy

  3. A bottle with Windex (or any glass cleaner) to clean my acetate for cake toppers and remove static.

Bearly Art Glue

The hype about this glue is real. just get it!

Beacon 3 In 1 Craft Glue

This is another staple in my craft room, i use it for items that are not paper, like acetate, foam, etc..

Mini Measuring Tape

These mini measuring tapes are all over my house! you never know when you need to measure something. I use these all the time.

Cricut Tools

I will not be able to craft without this set, my Cricut tools are my go to tools for vinyl and paper crafting.

Teflon Sheets

If you use Iron-On (HTV) or work with heat tools these are life savers! They protect your vinyl if you're layering and also your material.

Cricut Tool Bag (a pencil case)

This little nifty pencil case doubles as a tool case and it is perfect for your Cricut tool set, specially if you like to craft on the go.

Cricut blade dupes

Now I bought my Cricut Maker in 2018, and had to change my blade once since. So trust me when I tell you Cricut blades are amazing quality since they are made of premium German carbide steel, so they will not dull easily (that also depends on your usage) but if you want a cheaper alternative to Cricut blades these are also good.

However if you would prefer to use Cricut blade replacement click here

Cricut Mat Stabilizer

This nifty thing helped me a lot, its an extension that you place on your machine tray so your mat is stabilized and not bent down, resulting in more accurate cuts.


These are just some of my favorite craft supplies and tools. I will be writing another post soon about more awesome tools.

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